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Premium Tenders for the Superyacht Elite: Hythe Tender Services & Whitmarsh RIBs Join Forces

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    To serve the growing market for Superyacht tenders in the luxury boat building industry, Hythe Tender Services has partnered with Whitmarsh Ribs. The strategic partnership will expand Whitmarsh’s production capacity to meet customers’ demand for high-quality boat-building services. 

    About Whitmarsh RIBs

    Whitmarsh RIBs designs, manufactures and delivers premium bespoke Superyacht Tenders and high-performance Sports RIBs. With ribs debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show and products favoured by the rich and famous, Whitmarsh is a big name in the luxury boating world. Company founder James Whitmarsh has over 35 years of experience in performance boat construction, racing offshore powerboats and working in superyacht construction. 

    About Hythe Tender Services

    Hythe Tender Services has been developed by Managing Director of the Hythe Group of Companies, Josh Mathias. The Hythe Group is a community for people to build what they love, within an environment where people can make an impact in the areas that affect them. Hythe Tender Services offers a turnkey solution for the entire build process of luxury superyacht tenders.

    The partnership provides world-class services to current and future clientele, by synergising James’ decades of luxury superyacht experience with the skills and expertise the Hythe Tender Services team have used to service the Royal Navy and marine industry since the 1960s.

    Tender services

    How did the partnership come about?

    Josh has experience in building businesses, especially within the marine industry. James has decades of knowledge from the luxury boat building world. Starting from a conversation to collaborate on a project producing Lloyds SOLAS rescue tenders, the venture expanded into the creation of Hythe Tender Services and a partnership between the two companies.

    Why did Hythe Tender Services choose to work with Whitmarsh Ribs? 

    “When James and I met back in early 2021, we started discussing ideas and understood each other. I could hear his frustrations with how active businesses are working, and also recognised the demand that is out there for high-quality work like James’ within this industry. 

    Not only does James have exacting standards, but he’s also a pleasure to work with. A business needs good people as well as a good product. I believe by working with James, Hythe Tender Services has the foundation to grow.” – Josh Mathias

    Why did Whitmarsh Ribs choose to work with Hythe Tender Services?

    “Hythe Marine Services are a well-established company with a long history in the marine industry. They have excellent project management systems and the combined internal skill sets and additional trades blend very well with the requirements of Whitmarsh for producing their existing and upcoming Superyacht tenders.” – James Whitmarsh

    What makes Ribs and Tenders from Whitmarsh and Hythe stand out?

    The partnership increases production capacity for Whitmarsh. This growth is a fundamental step toward the shared goal of becoming a market leader in the superyacht tender industry.

    Hythe Tender Services offers a complete turnkey solution for the entire build process. Working closely with James, the entire build process is to his requirements to ensure the highest standards. Josh also noted, “The team has a vast amount of experience and, just as importantly, they have the correct attitude and values the community within the group requires.”

    Tender Services

    Services and Capabilities:

    • Hi-Tech Composite moulding
    • High-end metalwork fabrication
    • Full Electrical and navigation installation 
    • Marine engineering and propulsion systems
    • Additional production facility
    • Tender refit and refurbishment 
    • Project management Systems

    Benefits to Customers

    The partnership allows both the Hythe Group of Companies and Whitmarsh Ribs to expand into a much larger range of services and products. Clients of Whitmarsh Ribs benefit from larger and more varied types of tenders along with an increased range of services such as charter, refit and servicing. Already, the company has designs to produce new lightweight carbon tenders and a new open 10-12m monohull chase boat tender.

    Hythe Tender Services

    Hythe Tender Services is another string to the Hythe Group’s bow. Not just for HMS’ clients, but all customers of the Group. Josh explained, The experience we will build from this sector and the trades involved in the entire process will only make us understand our customer even more. We can then use this knowledge to differentiate ourselves from the competition, fundamentally focusing on being great – not just good.”

    Interested in working with us? Contact us here at Hythe Tender Services to discuss your requirements. 

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