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Hythe Tender Services (HTS) is a part of Hythe Group of companies. The company has been established as the result of a partnership with Whitmarsh High-Performance RIB's.

We are responsible for the production and build of luxury superyacht tenders and RIBs for Whitmarsh, ensuring only the highest possible standards in engineering, build quality and compliance.

Our team have decades of experience through our marine company, Hythe Marine Services, working on a range of projects from large Royal Naval vessels to submarines and classic superyachts. Our diverse team provide a wide range of services from carpentry to precision engineering and electricals.

Hythe engineers dedicate their careers to exceptional, custom innovations with unparalleled quality finishes.

Whitmarsh RIB's

The Founder of Whitmarsh RIB's, James Whitmarsh, has over 35 years' experience in performance boat construction both with racing boats and superyacht construction. Whitmarsh and Hythe share a vision for premium quality, longevity in building quality and customer relationships and ultimately exceeding expectations on all levels.

Together we work to create the innovations of the future rather than follow them.

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Superyacht tender

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Whitmarsh Ribs Partner with Hythe Tender Services

Whitmarsh High Performance Ribs and Hythe Tender Services (HTS) partnership will see HTS taking on the design, manufacture and delivery of the latest Whitmarsh tenders and ribs for superyachts.

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