Hythe Tender Services, a Hythe Group Company, has partnered with the industry-leading designer of bespoke, luxury Superyacht Tenders, Whitmarsh Superyacht Tenders. This partnership empowers Hythe Tender Services to expand production of the well known Whitmarsh designs. 

Our team of engineers have decades of experience working with our sister company, Hythe Marine Services, where we provide bespoke marine design and engineering services that meet the exacting standards of the Royal Navy and other defence sector companies.

Quality British Craftsmanship

We design and deliver the finest luxury superyacht tenders and high-performance sports RIB’s by using modern engineering to create optimised performance and safety. We also provide an unrivalled level of long-term after-sales service and support.

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    Totally Unique

    Every RIB we build is as unique and personal as the person who owns it, which is why we are open to complete customisation. Whether you would like to adjust the seating control set-up, alter the air draught and lifting points for easier garaging aboard the mother yacht or if you’d like to collaborate on a totally unique concept, we welcome all ideas.

    Here at Hythe, no two boats will ever be the same, so if you enjoy the luxury of being unique you have come to the right place.

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